Clam Classic

Linguine alla Vongole is a favorite at Osteria Tulia

Linguine alla Vongole Linguine alle vongole is one of the most recognizable and classic Italian pasta dishes that can be found in regions throughout the country. “I’ve been eating this dish for as long as I can remember,” says Vincenzo Betulia, chef and partner at Osteria Tulia. “It’s one of the most popular items at the restaurant, so we rotate it in and out of the menu with different variations, sometimes changing the pasta or adding pancetta, chorizo, breadcrumbs, or pecorino cheese.” The preparation starts with olive oil, garlic, white wine, and a pinch of pepperoncini, along with the juices from the clams as they cook and open. “I use Manila clams because they’re the perfect size and open quickly,” Betulia explains. “At the end, we add some house-made clam broth to intensify the flavor.” 

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