Mazen Albeldawi, M.D.

Photo by Brian Tietz

Mazen Albeldawi M.D, is a board-certified gastroenterologist and hepatologist who has been in practice for seven years. He is rated the number one gastroenterologist in Naples on all three health scoring websites.

Dr. Albeldawi specializes in several procedures including upper endoscopy, colonoscopy and endoscopic bariatric therapies. He treats various disorders ranging from acid reflux to hemorrhoids and focuses on colon cancer prevention. “I love the variety in my work, the interaction with patients, and the procedural aspect,” he says.

His practice has been designated as the Premier Practice in Southwest Florida to offer the Orbera weight loss balloon. The program begins with the insertion of the Orbera balloon, a non-surgical, incision-free procedure which allows for substantial weight loss. “It is a great alternative for those patients who have not succeeded with diet and exercise alone or who may be unwilling, or not ready, to have a surgically invasive procedure. We’ve had tremendous success and patients have been extremely pleased,” Dr. Albeldawi says.

He is deeply appreciative of all of his staff and says they are phenomenal. “A big part of our success is our team approach. They take pride in their jobs, thereby delivering a high-quality patient experience,” Dr. Albeldawi says.

Mazen Albeldawi, M.D.
NCH Physician Group
1285 Creekside Blvd. East #102 | Naples
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