NI’s Dining Awards: Best Special Occasion

Best Special Occasion

Sea Salt

Naples Illustrated's Dining Awards - Best Special Occasion Restaruant -Sea Salt - Third Street South

One of Naples’ most celebrated kitchen wizards, Chef Fabrizio Aielli, makes magic happen on Third Street South at Sea Salt (239-434-7258). Reserve a seat on the porch or inside the spacious, fashionable dining room. For a truly special occasion, gather friends and family at the Chef’s Table in the kitchen, where Aielli creates a dinner of up to 11 courses customized to your palate. His style of cooking reflects his Venetian heritage, a love for California-style cuisine, his world travels, local seafood and produce, and his passion for wine. The meal starts with a trio flight of salt and ends with a bowl of cotton candy. In between, carefully crafted masterpieces showcase multidimensional dishes.


Honorable Mention

Capital Grille

When you make your Capital Grille reservation, they will ask if it’s a special occasion, in which case you will receive a complimentary glass of Champagne and customized dessert platter. The ladies at the table are presented a rose, and the final touch: a framed photograph to remember the moment. (thecapital?, 239-254-0640)


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