Steak Out at Lamoraga

Lamoraga’s cauliflower steak unites vegans and carnivores

Lamoraga's cauliflower steak. Photo by Isabella Baquerizo (B3 Marketing)
Photo by Isabella Baquerizo (B3 Marketing)

“More consumers are moving toward plant-based foods,” says Lamoraga owner Tom Nutten. His restaurant has offered four-course vegan dinners monthly for the last three years and has a minimum of five vegan dishes on the regular menu. “This dish fits in with our Mediterranean fusion concept, and it has both a lot of visual appeal and a great deal of flavor,” he says. To make this veggie entrée, the chef cuts a head of cauliflower into steaks and briefly steams them. Then they are grilled to order and garnished with a green tahini-herb sauce and sautéed bok choy. “It’s not really about a meatless lifestyle,” says Nutten. “It’s just fun to see a table with carnivores, pescatarians, and vegans all sitting together and having a great meal.”

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