“Violins of Hope” comes to The Holocaust Museum

The "Violins of Hope" exhibit showcases history, heartache, and inspires two upcoming talks with special guests Dr. James Grymes and Avshalom Weinstein.

The “Violins of Hope” exhibit, on view at The Holocaust Museum and Janet G. and Harvey D. Cohen Education Center in Naples through December 31, is a gripping and inspirational recount of restored violins played by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust. Looking at these violins, you can feel the history and heartache, along with the hope and dignity these beautiful instruments brought to musicians. On December 12, Dr. James Grymes, author of Violins of Hope, will share personal stories of the history of the violins and their owners at Temple Shalom. Then, on December 13, meet Avshalom Weinstein, the Israeli violin maker who brought these fragile slices of history back to life, at a mimosa reception and luncheon at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples.

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