Amazing Grazing

Naples native Colette Wetzel serves up inspired charcuterie

Naples Native Colette Wetzel Naples native Colette Wetzel founded Cultured, her charcuterie board business, shortly after moving to Austin in 2016. “My mother is French-Canadian and she was one of ten children,” she recalls. “I grew up participating in big family celebrations. I loved having a part in hosting them, and it inspired my passion for food and entertaining.” She specializes in arrangements of artisan cheeses, cured meats, fruit, and organic produce for groups ranging from 40 to 200, along with small boxes and DIY grazing platter kits for individual consumers; olives, capers, jams, and savory spreads such as hummus round out the presentations. While she hopes to expand her business in the years to come and partner with national companies, she says she remains focused on her goal of helping people to “experience the love of life’s uncomplicated pleasures.” 

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