Eric Hochman, 2016 Super Man

Photo by Vanessa Rogers.

Dr. Eric J. Hochman, a native of Cleveland, serves on the staff at Naples Community Hospital and Physician’s Regional Medical Center. He also founded Gulfshore Concierge Medicine in Naples. He credits his wife, Kimberly, who has been involved in charity work from a young age, for inspiring him to help others. He recently concluded a term as president of the Collier County Medical Society, where he served on the board for five years. He volunteers at the Neighborhood Health Clinic, and has volunteered for the Physician Led Access Network in the past. The doctor speaks in the community on numerous health topics, and writes a monthly column for the Naples Daily News about community benefits of the Blue Zones Project. He and Kimberly, who have two sons, moved to Naples in 2004.

My wife inspired me to get more involved in the community. It has been very rewarding, and I encourage others to do the same–every individual can make a difference.

Personal style: Wear whatever makes you feel good.

Words to live by: If it’s worth doing, do it right.

His hero: My grandfather lost his mother at a young age, survived a difficult childhood, and later became a WWII hero, earning a Purple Heart. He sustained many physical injuries and taught himself to walk again.

How he spends a free day: I really enjoy doing anything with my wife and children—dining, movies, golf, relaxing, and spending time outdoors.

Guilty pleasure: Fudge-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.

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