Crazy for Kombucha

Naples resident Ashley Hadad shares her perfected kombucha recipe through her local business, True North Kombucha

Ashley N. Hadad. Courtesy of True North Kombucha
Ashley Hadad. Courtesy of True North Kombucha

Fizzy, sweet-tart, and ubiquitous, probiotic-packed kombucha has become a staple sip for the health-conscious. Naples resident Ashley Hadad started making the fermented tea for fun when she became interested in health and wellness after graduating from college, and eventually realized she could make a better version than many commercial products. She perfected her recipe and sold her kombucha to restaurants before starting her own business, True North Kombucha. 

Hadad’s fermented beverages, which may help promote a healthy immune system, can be found at The Farm Stand at Naples Canning Co. You can try making it yourself at home, too. “It really is easier than you think,” says Hadad. For more, you can find numerous recipes for DIY kombucha online.

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