Rest, Restore, and Recover with Float Therapy

World Med Spa in Naples specializes in floatation therapy, which has positive impacts on pain, blood pressure, sleep anxiety, and depression

Float therapy stock image

Floating weightlessly in a warm pool is just as relaxing as it sounds. “It feels like you’re in the womb,” explains Brandon Stacy, owner of World Med Spa in Naples. Floatation therapy, also called restricted environmental stimulation technique, also has research-backed health benefits. Studies have found that the therapy may help reduce pain, blood pressure, anxiety, and depression, as well as improve sleep. In fact, Stacy says people often fall asleep in the first few minutes of their session. You can try float therapy yourself at the spa, which offers a floatation tank with infrared lighting. Because the World Med Spa has a tank instead of an individual pod, you can also receive a massage while floating, which Stacy notes is especially good for cancer patients and people who can’t lie comfortably on a massage table. Whether you go for the physical and mental benefits or just to relax, Stacy adds, it’s all about health, rest, and recovery.

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